Monday, November 4, 2013

Almost 10 Months!

I was thinking the other day that I've only been posting when something goes awry.  Well, I would like to start this post out with saying: We are currently healthy.......ish:)!  Lawson has never really completely kicked his respiratory junk, but he is managing it a lot better.

Both boys got to see their pulmonologist, Dr. Acton, a couple of weeks ago.  This was due to Lawson's hospitalization.  We basically just met with him to get a baseline.  He was very impressed with both boys and kept repeating how remarkably well they are doing for 27 week old preemies.  Everyone is always so shocked when we tell them that the boys aren't on any special medicine or formula.  Dr. Acton just kept Lawson's orders the same- inhaled steroid twice a day and albuterol just as needed. Sutton is not on any maintenance inhalant but can have albuterol as needed.

Onto other respiratory news, both boys were approved by insurance to get the RSV vaccination!  Andrew and I were so excited to hear this news!  Preemies are more prone to contract viruses and to be hit way harder than a full term baby- especially when it involves respiratory illnesses.  Their adjusted age doesn't apply in this case- just because they were 3 months early doesn't mean their lung development is just 3 months behind.  While they will eventually grow out of it, they have chronic lung disease which makes these respiratory viruses so much more complicated.  This RSV vaccination doesn't prevent them from getting RSV, but it's been shown to decrease hospital stay length.  We'll take it!

With cold/flu season here, we have to be more diligent than ever with the boys' health.  We are done taking any lengthy outdoor excursions as the cold temperatures can do a number on the boys' lungs.  Per doctors' recommendation we are also done attending our church until Spring due to the large crowd.  Fortunately our church live steams its services, so we can still be connected in that way.  Aside from daycare and visiting family, the boys won't be taking too many excursions.  We will be retreating back into our bubble for a few months while cold and flu season rages on.  We know the boys will still get sick, but we are really hoping to minimize their risk of getting very sick.  

Aside from trying to stay healthy, the boys are still working on sitting.  Some days I feel like we are so very close, and other days they really fight it.   Lawson and Sutton are working with their occupational therapist weekly now to help reach these milestones.  Hopefully we will start catching up in these next few months.  

Here are some recent pictures of our little men:



(S, L)

(Halloween: L, Mom, S)

(L, S, and Dad)

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